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National Literacy Trust:

The National Literacy Trust aims to improve literacy skills (i.e. reading, writing, speaking and listening) in children, young people and families from UK’s poorest communities. Freely downloadable resources for parents, teachers and school staff are available on:

National Association For Language Development in the Curriculum (NALDIC):

NALDIC provides a professional forum for the teaching and learning of English as an additional language, supporting bilingualism, raising the achievement of ethnic minority learners, and promoting the development of research, policy and practice:

Bilingualism Matters:

Bilingualism Matters is a research and information centre at the University of Edinburgh, founded by Prof. Antonella Sorace in 2008. This ensures easy access to current research evidence on bilingualism and language learning so that decisions made by parents and professionals are guided by evidence:

The Bell Foundation:

The Bell Foundation’s main focus is to work with partners on innovation, research, training and practical interventions, and to change practice, policy and systems for children, adults and communities in the UK disadvantaged through language.

Creating opportunities for Translanguaging in a school setting:

“Translanguaging is defined as “the process whereby multilingual speakers utilize their languages as an integrated communication system. It is the only way to create meaning while learning. It is the one thing that everyone needs to do in order to successfully develop their languages, develop their ways of knowing, to develop content, develop their social-emotional identities and for
society to develop to a more just and equitable society.” - Professor Ofelia García



Speekaboo: Speech Sound Screening Tool for Speech Development in Multilingual Children Aged 3-6 years  (Free download) Available in 16 Languages using culturally appropriate photos (10 minutes to administer) 

There are a large number of different Apps available via the App store/Google Play store for bilingual families and SLTs. We are currently looking into recommendations. Please do contact us if you have any suggestions that you have enjoyed or worked well for you.


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