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Bilingualism does not cause communication disorders

Communicate with your child in the mix of languages that is natural for you and your family.

Mixing languages is a typical part of bilingual language development.

Encourage your child's attempts to communicate in any of the languages you use.

You may be concerned if your child has not had much English he or she will be at a disadvantage when starting school, however as long as your child has a strong foundation in the mother tongue he/she should have no difficulty learning English.

There is considerable evidence that learning to speak more than one language can benefit children overall social, academic and intellectual progress. 

Please see parent page for links for more detailed handouts and advice sheets

Keep speaking your own language.  Do not change your natural pattern of language use at home.  


Do not start speaking a language that you are not competent with even though it’s the child’s new language (e.g. English)

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